Tax Preparation & Planning


RK offers Tax Planning based on your individual situation with one-on-one personal consideration.

This includes year-round tax consultation with tax projections based on various scenarios.

  •  Individual and fiduciary tax preparation
  • Tax returns prepared for individuals and trusts.
  • Audit Representation

RK's Enrolled Agents (EA) are certified to represent you before the IRS.


Important information you should know about Enrolled Agents

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a person who prepares tax records for a taxpayer and may act as the taxpayer's representative during an audit or appeal.

An Enrolled Agent represents taxpayers in dealing with the United States Government.  Enrolled Agents are considered Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners.  They are empowered to act on behalf of their clients to negotiate aspects of taxes such as payment agreements.  Many taxpayers like working with an Enrolled Agent because the agent can assist with every stage of the tax preparation process.

Once certified as an Enrolled Agent, it is necessary to fulfill continuing education requirements.  The tax code changes each year and it is vitally important that people who represent taxpayers stay acquainted with the changes.

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