The Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors Investment Approach

Key Components are as Follows:

  • DEFINE . . . Client risk tolerance, investment objectives, and timeframe
  • INTEGRATE . . . Client objectives with their Tax and Estate plans
  • DETERMINE . . . A Target Asset Allocation (TAA) specific to each client
  • CHOOSE . . . Investments within each asset class to ensure portfolio diversification
  • RE-BALANCE . . . To adjust allocation back to the TAA (a strategy proven to optimize returns)
  • ADJUST . . . TAA only when significant client life changes occur (to avoid "fad" investments)


Tucson Wealth Management Financial AdvisorsFinancial Advisors, Trust and Estate PlanningRaskob Kambourian Financial Planning Investment Approach in TucsonKeys to Successful Financial and Retirement Planning

Our Tucson Financial Advisors Investment Team performs extensive research to establish an approved list of Individual Stocks and No-load Mutual Funds for client portfolios. The Team also Sets policy on minimum credit ratings for bonds

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