RK has a new service that is ready for client participation.  As technology has advanced in the investment field, one of the latest technology services being offered is automated investing.  Several large companies have adopted this concept with this new technology as a stand-alone service.  So what is it and what can it do for you?

Also referred to as a ROBO platform or ROBO investing, the Automated Investment Platform (AIP) offered by Raskob Kambourian is a computer controlled method of investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s).  The strategy used is based on the clients’ risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial needs and goals.  We offer this service through Charles Schwab & Co. as the custodian.  The ideal client for this service is one who wants or needs less advisor interaction once the program is in place.  It is a new investor/accumulator service.  However, a financial advisor will help you start the investment platform and is there for you along the way.

The features of the AIP that you should know:  The minimum deposit for this service is $5,000 and the maximum is $500,000. This is an excellent vehicle for the new investor or accumulator that does not want or desire much financial advisor interaction.  Some of the features of the AIP are automatic rebalancing of the account, tax-loss harvesting, asset allocation, and a cash sweep.  The account can be configured to allow the client to add or withdraw money at anytime.  There are no account service fees, trading commissions, or custody fees.  There are asset management fees under 1%.  There is a dedicated client portal that is integrated with Schwab Advisor Center®.  The client also has a choice of desktop or mobile experience and the AIP is integrated with Schwab Alliance.  The types of accounts currently accepted are individual accounts, IRA’s (ROTH, Traditional, Beneficiary Designation), and some trusts such as a Living Trust.  The agreement allows a portfolio to be reviewed with a financial advisor up to twice per year and phone inquiries are also included.

Ready to get started?  Please contact us for information on this exciting new service!

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