Financial Planning – Creating a Decision-Free Zone

Financial Planning – Creating a Decision-Free Zone

For somebody that has come into a windfall, creating a decision-free zone provides a convenient answer to the life insurance salesperson who is calling persistently, are to be brother-in-law who needs a loan to start his new golf coaching business. The client and the advisor narrow their attention down to a much smaller list of things that absolutely must be handled now, and the  ntire engagement is focused only on those things, with the distractions pushed aside.

Interestingly, this decision free concept not only helps clients eliminate confusion; it also tends to expose the people who are more interested in catching like a leech to the new money than they are in the best interest of the client. If the insurance agent calls persistently after being told about  the decision-free year, the client has an easy way of seeing that  he agenda is not about her.

Having this decision-free prioritization, the client and advisor can focus on fewer issues and make visual progress to achieve the overall goals.

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