Fourteens Ways to Give to Charities

Fourteens Ways to Give to Charities

Charitable contributions are an important part of your financial plan.  Here are 14 ways you can give to charities.

  1. Outright gifts of cash, securities, real estate and other assets
  2. Bequest by will of percentage of estate or dollar value
  3. Testamentary gift after usage or death of another beneficiary
  4. Life insurance beneficiary or transfer of policy ownership
  5. Charitable Gift Annuity Trust
  6. Deferred Gift Annuity Trust
  7. Personal home or other real estate by bequest
  8. Life estate in personal home or other real estate
  9. Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
  10. Charitable Lead Unitrust
  11. Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  12. Net Income Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  13. Testamentary Charitable Trusts
  14. Direct transfer of pension assets prior to or after death

Other considerations could be split interest gifts that sometimes include above and donor advised funds.

Most charities can assist you with information on the forms required for their record keeping process.  If you have created a planned gift, please let the charities know.  This helps their future forecasting ability.

If you have any questions about which of the methods above best apply to your financial plan, contact Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors in Tucson to speak with one of our Certified Financial Planners.