Three Financial Facts of the Week

Three Financial Facts of the Week

Below are three quick facts that I thought might be helpful:

Fact #1
Year to date (September 21, 2014), IPOs in the U.S. have raised about $69 billion according to Dealogic. That is up from $62 billion in all of 2013. The record was set in 2000, when IPOs approached $105 billion. Source: Wall Street Journal

Fact #2
The net worth of U.S. households rose by about $1.4 trillion between April and June to $81.5 trillion, the highest level on record according to a report by the Federal Reserve that was released on Thursday, September 18, 2014. Source: Wall Street Journal

Fact #3
Analysts expect that August 2014 home sales amounted to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of roughly 430,000, up about 4% from the July tally. Source: Wall Street Journal

(Article courtesy of Daniel Fialkoff, Value Line Funds)